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Books: Authors Julia Cook and Michelle Garcia Winner both write books geared for social skills for elementary aged children.  “What to do When You” is another series for the 6 to 12 year olds.

Video: Widening the Circle: Expanding Opportunies for Friendship Overview of friendship, including benefits and obstacles to creating meaningful relationships in adults with Intellectual Disabilities (ID), strategies for developing and maintaining these friendships, and ideas for supporting community inclusion. Includes tips for supporting people in using social media.

Blog: Jill Kudzm’s SLP Social Emotional Sharing Site

Therapy and Social Skills groups:
Academy MetroWest; Natick, MA Fostering the overall development of children by creating an environment where they can be physically active, build self-confidence and develop social skills through cooperative and collaborative physical

Applied Behavioral Associates, LLC; Marlboro, MA Applied Behavioral Associates, LLC is a clinical group practice providing professional, behavioral and therapeutic services for children with behavioral issues and/or developmental disabilities. Services also include diagnostic screenings for children under age 3 who may present with symptoms on the Autism Spectrum., Marlboro, MA, Home based and clinical ABA services. Behavioral Services are provided to children of all ages who may have a variety of behavioral, social/emotional, developmental, communication and/or social pragmatic issues.

Applied Behavioral Learning Services (ABLS); Newton, MA The mission of Applied Behavioral Learning Services (ABLS) is to provide the highest quality educational and clinical services for children with Autism, Anxiety, Feeding, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and other Disruptive Behavior Disorders using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and other evidence-based approaches. Services include assessments, home-based services, consultations, and individual and group therapy

Autism Behaviorial Services; Grafton, MA Autism Behavioral Services provides insurance funded 1:1 home, clinic, and community based ABA programs created and supervised by a BCBA PhD candidate throughout Massachusetts.

Barrett Family Wellness Center; Northboro, MA The Barrett Family Wellness Center was founded on the basis of providing therapy and wellness services that enrich lives. Their services specialize in treatments for Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disability, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome to name a few. Services include Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and workshops. They also offer Sensory Integration Praxis Testing (SIPT) and Therapeutic Listening.

Behavioral Education, Assessment, and Consultation, Inc. (Beacon) Services; Milford, MA Beacon Services is a private group practice of special educators and early childhood professionals experienced in serving early childhood and school age children in need of behavioral support and specialized educational services. BEACON Services utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to support the efforts of children and their families to develop academic and social skills to their fullest potential.

Beyond Words, Natick, Speech and Language Pathologist, individual and group speech language support, social pragmatic development sessions.

Family Continuity, Whitinsville, MA Family Continuity is a private, non-profit mental health and social services agency that has been helping Massachusetts families from hub offices in Whitinsville and Worcester for more than a quarter century. With a comprehensive array of programs, our portfolio of services encompasses community and home-based services, crisis intervention programs, as well as outpatient clinics providing individual and family therapy

The Friendship Network for Children, Northborough, MA The Friendship Network for Children’s mission is to decrease the isolation of children with Autism by providing therapeutic socialization activities; and trainings to parents and professionals thus increasing interactions with friends, family and the community.

The Interactive Learning Center Lexington offers therapeutic interventions for children, older students and adults with learning challenges. We evaluate clients to assess their foundational abilities for learning, particularly in the areas of their visual/spatial, logical and sensory motor development. Therapeutic programs are individualized and geared towards remediating underdeveloped skills at each clients developmental of ability.

Integrated Children’s Therapies Inc, Hudson offers OT, Speech and Language Therapy, Feeding Therapy

Language & Learning Centers of America, Wellesley, speech and language, support, occupational therapy, behavior analysis, social groups

Learning Solutions; Norwood, MA Learning Solutions is committed to providing expert support to students and their communities. They offer social groups led by experienced Social Skills Clinicians for children and teens with social & pragmatic language challenges due to ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder/PDD, Asperger Syndrome, Learning Disabilities & other needs

Macumber Mind and Body, Natick, MA Neurofeedback

Metrowest Center for Independent Living, Framingham Transition program to ready 14 to 22 year olds for work, college, independent living.

Psychology Care Associates, Framingham, Psychotherapy, Neuropsychology, Social Skills groups

SenseAbility Gym, Hopedale, MA, SenseAbility Gym is a nonprofit corporation serving special needs children. Their mission is to provide a parent-led sensory gym, giving children with special needs a safe, fun, indoor area where they can play and accommodate their sensory needs.

Speech and Language Resources, Hopkinton MA offers pediatric to adult speech and language therapy.

S&L Therapy, Southborough, MA offers evaluations and treatment for a full range of childhood speech and language disorders from early childhood through the middle school years.  We accept insurance.

Speech and Language Specialities, Shrewsbury, MA Speech and Language Specacialties (SLS) was designed to diagnose and provide specialized speech and language therapy to children with neurological and developmental disorders. Executive Function coaching, Behavioral Consulting, Anxiety, Social Learning groups, social communication and Music therapy.

The Peter Pan Center; Boxborough, They provide many services for families and children on the autism spectrum or who struggle with ADD/ADHD or other learning and behavioral challenges. Services include social skills programs, anger management programs, life skills program and parenting support and resources.

Reece Center Therapy; Shrewsbury, MA, Kim Goodwin, MA, BCBA, LABA offers center based applied behavior analysis and therapy, consultation, assessment and parent education.

Realizing Children’s Strengths Behavioral Consulting, Natick, MA, provides a variety of direct, consultative, and training services to schools, agencies, families, and individuals with developmental disabilities, infant to adult.  Applied Behavior Analysis is the major treatment modality employed by RCS, with an emphasis on the Verbal Behavior approach to communication.

The Sensory Learning Program; Danvers, MA The Sensory Learning Program has been an excellent resource for individuals seeking interventions for developmental learning delays, speech and language delays, balance and coordination issues, behavior problems and general sensory dysfunction. The Sensory Learning Program is a thirty day non-invasive intervention that uses light, motion and sound to simultaneously stimulate the Visual, Vestibular and Auditory systems improving perception, understanding and the ability to learn.

Social Smart Kids; Westford, MA Social Smart Kids is a web site designed to help kids improve their social skills. They provide online support to kids who are challenged by social interactions. The site is intended to provide assistance to kids of all abilities and to improve their social skills. Social Smart Kids also offers Social Skills Groups, as well as summer camps.

Therapy Connections; Franklin, MA Speech Therapy services with Elisabeth Kranz MS, CCC-SLP. Elisabeth’s expertise includes receptive and expressive language disorders, phonological and articulation disorders, fluency, play skills, executive functioning, as well as social pragmatic language abilities.

The Whole Child, Developmental Resources & Family Empowerment, is designed to be a community resource for children ages 3-12 and their families. Our mission is to support the healthy (physical, social, behavioral and cognitive) development of children and to empower their families. We work to achieve this by promoting an understanding of child development, educating and empowering parents so as to be effective advocates for their children, and providing high quality services designed to target developmental goals for children in multiple domains. Our services support children who present as neuro-typical, as well as children with overtly uneven cognitive profiles.  We will support children with learning difficulties, organizational struggles, emotional needs, sensory and/or regulation difficulties, social skill deficits, ADHD, high functioning ASD, just to name a few.

This listing is for information only. Listing does not indicate an endorsement by Hopkinton Special Education Parents Advisory Council (Hopkinton SEPAC). It is important to check references, review credentials, and interview service provider to understand whether their, program/skills and approach are a good fit.  Wish to add to our list?  Send suggestions to